The Silk Road

The Silk road was a land access which opened up by Zhang Qian in his mission to the Western Regions.It started from Chang’an(now Xi’an),running all the way through Gansu,Xinjiang,Central Asia ,West Asia and linking the Mediterranean countries with the Western Han Dynasty.It was named as the Silk Road due to the greatest influence of the silk products among the goods transported to the west on this road.

During the region of QinShihuang,there were 12 prefectures along the Great Wall interlinked by wide roads,so the delivery of official dispatches and business travels were going on continuously.The Great Wall was precisely an important factor to guarantee the roads smooth flow unblocked .In the Han Dynasty a new road had opened up to the western Region,and the diplomatic envoys and business travels all took this road.

On the silk Road,the ruins of the Han Great Wall,the small forts,watch towers,and beacon towers built more than two thousand years ago still stand lofty and firm today.descendants have discovered from these sites and ancient tombs many wooden slips,silk documents,seals and silk fabrics since from the Western Han Dynasty.At that Time,products from the Western countries such as woolen knitwear ,grapes,melons and fruits had been transported to Chang’an and the southeast counties or prefectures along the Silk Road.

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