• 1

    What shall we prepare for the hiking?

    A backpack, a pair of sunglasses, sun cream, raincoat, travel shoes (hiking boots better) and snacks.

  • 2

    How difficult will the hiking be?

    Great Wall Trek is mainly on the wild Great Wall, while the renovated Great Wall won’t take us much time. We can recommend you the itinerary which fits you most.

  • 3

    Who can do the Great Wall Hiking?

    Those healthy, with no serious defects, from 6-year-old to 80.

  • 4

    How shall we keep the valuable and important things?

    We suggest you take them with you, for instance, passport and cash.

  • 5

    What shall we do if we find our passports missing?

    As a foreigner missing the passport during your time in China, you need to report to the local police station where you lost it, tell them how you lost it and get the certification they provide you, then obtain a Statement of Lost Passport from the Exit & Entry Bureau (EEB), which is under the Public Security Bureau (PSB), then you can apply for a replacement passport in the Embassy of your country in China. Then you can apply for the visa in the Exit & Entry Bureau (EEB).

  • 6

    In a multi-days hiking, where will you stay at night? What do you have for dinners?

    We stay at the hotel or farmer’s houses, depending on the itinerary. We will have Chinese dinners most of the time. During hiking, we will have our lunch on the Great Wall, eating some home-made sandwiches, fruits and drinking.

  • 7

    Can we get some souvenirs during hiking?

    Yes, of course, anytime you want to, you can get them, such as Great Wall postcards, T-shirts and books about the Great Wall.

  • 8

    Can we still hike the Wild Wall if there is bad weather (i.e. rain or snow)?

    In the event of substantial rain or snow, we usually suspend trips to the Wild Wall for safety reasons. Generally, in these circumstances, we share a restored portion of the Wall with clients. We are able to accommodate last minute modifications.

  • 9

    Do you offer any discounts? I read about you in Luxe Guide/on Trip Advisor. You were recommended to me by a friend.

    We very appreciate the referrals and recommendations. As a small business, word of mouth and reviews are extremely important to us. Our pricing is based on the expertise of our guides, our service standard, and our uniqueness. We are exceptionally proud of the value we offer our clients. In order to recruit and retain the best caliber of guides, we compensate our guides fairly based on their work, not on commissions from tourist shops providing kickbacks. Read more about our policy of no commissions (link). Based on our compensation model, we are unable to offer discounts on our quoted prices. It is our policy and practice to use a standardized price schedule for all our clients.

  • 10

    We have small kids and older people in our group, can we join a hike?

    Of course you can. We have been hiking with people form 6 till 80 years old and they all loved it. Good wild great wall is accessible for everybody!

  • 11

    Is tipping commonplace in other parts of the world?

    Yes, tipping is commonplace in most parts of the world. Although our trips are inclusive of all costs, and we ensure our guides and local staff are paid fairly, tips are always welcome.

  • 12

    How to make a reservation for the hiking tour?

    For further information,a quotation or to book a tour please reply by email trekbooking@gmail.com