Greatwall Marathon

We would like to welcome ruuners and spectators to the 17th Greatwall Marathon at Huangyaguan,Tianjin city,China.

With 5164 steps and several hills to be climbed this race has been billed as one of the toughest running events in the world,but,despited of the challenges,it is also one of the most scenic and beautiful. Chinese villages,fields and valleys,and of course the Greatwall itself makes this race a truly astonishing breathtaking experience.

Since the first race in 1999 the Greatwall Marathon has grown to become an internationally recognised ruuning events with participants from all corners of the world.It is an ever-amazing experience to see all these nationalities gathered with one common goal,sharing the same passion for running and travelling and making new friendships across borders.It is our goal to give all of you fond memories of China and Great Wall.

Whether you are a spectator or running 8.5KM,21KM or 42KM,we thank you for joining and hope will enjoy this special and unforgettable race on 21st,May,2016

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