Do you believe it?

I received an email to be asked which section of the Great Wall is the best time for them to visit with fewer tourists, for they wanted to celebrate their daughter’s birthday on the Great Wall on Sep 20th. I recommended them to go the Jinshanling Great Wall, which is more wonderful.
I give them our website, the Trek Wall about Jinshanling Great Wall; it gives the introduction as follow:

1) It is 150km away from Beijing, fewer tourists.
2) The wall is preserved very well with original bricks.
3) You will see restored and non-restored wall with stairs, even you can see Gubeikou section on the west and Simatai on the east.

We followed the plan to visit that section of the Great Wall on that day, and got there around 10:15.It was sunny and almost there were no tourists, the temperature was 20 degree Celsius in day time. We started hiking to the great wall with talking about history of China and the Great wall, of course we also took some photo of the wall .The view is amazing, and the wall runs on the ridge of the mountain. We kept walking and talking, when we arrived at the watch tower, a big surprise that a birthday cake with birthday music was given to her. We couldn’t believe that, even for Chinese, as they said a celebration was held on the great wall. We shared the cake with other tourists on the wall and sang the birthday song to her. Much enjoyed.

If you would like a celebration on the great wall, such as birthday party, wedding celebration, and so on, please tell James Ren and contact me with email: trekbooking@gmail.com, a surprise is waiting for you! www.trekclub.org

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